Sunday, July 1, 2012

Accessories Collection 95

Hello there! Have you visited Miss Empire Lifestyle Boutique at Orchard Central #B1-04 yet?
If you have yet to do so, do drop by us today to enjoy our Openings's specials & promotions!!! ((;
So what are you still waiting for? ;D

Miss Empire Accessories Collection 95

Tip of the week:

Abstract Toy Clock Stud
in Purple & Olive


Antique Clock Stud


Flying Letters-Swallow Stud


Four-piece Flower-Pearl Stud


Golden Beetle Stud


Scalene Triangle Stud


Swirly Bean Stud
in Blue, Pink, Black, White & Brown


Vintage Bold Stone Stud
in White, Orange, Red & Black


Prices include free postage for normal mail.
For registered mailing, please top up an additional $2.24.

For orders & enquiries, please email us at
Thank you very much (;

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