Monday, May 28, 2012

Accessories Collection 90

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Miss Empire Accessories Collection 90

Tip of the week:

Abstract Alternate Gem Necklace
in Orange, White & Blue


Charmed Snake Block Necklace


Coloured Charmed Snake Print Necklace
in Brown & Black


Exquisite Pearl Collar Necklace


Handmade Pearl Ensemble Necklace
in White & Gold


Multiple Bar Charm Necklace
in Black, Blue & Orange


Rectangular Patterned Gem Necklace
in Black & White


Simplistic Dual Tone Necklace
in Black. White & Orange


Prices include free postage for normal mail.
If registered mailing is preffered, please top up an additonal $2.24

For orders & enquiries, please email us at
Thank you very much. (;

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