Friday, November 4, 2011

Accessories Collection 62

Take a walk down the undisturbed rainforest...
the soul and the voice of the night...

Once again, Miss Empire presents to you another collection of the population series of animals design accessories!!!
This time it all gets really dark and wild.
Check them out now and grab them before they're gone!!! ((:

Miss Empire Accessories Collection 62

Accessories tip of the week:

Bumble Bee & Flower Necklace


Egyptian Design Owl Necklace


Engraved Elephant Necklace


Exaggerated Deer Bracelet

Night Lizard Ring


Octopus Horror Necklace


Relaxed Owl Necklace


Retro Fox Ring


Retro Tomoko Ring

Stoneage Owl Ring


Vintage Cicada Ring


Vintage Goat Ring

Prices include free postage for normal mail.
For registered mailing, please top up an additional $2.24.

For orders and enquiries, please email us at
Thank you very much (;

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