Friday, November 26, 2010

Accessories Collection 20

Hi girls, thanks for being with us and staying supportive all this while! It's already Miss Empire's 20th Accessories Collection already! (:

Next month will be Miss Empire's One Year Anniversary! Great Promotion awaits you then! So, do remember to stay tune to our website for more updates!!!

Miss Empire Accessories Collection 20

Accessories tip for you:

Ancient Dove Necklace


Blossoming Black Rose Stud


Bohemian Drop Earring


Bright Flower Basket Stud


Coloured Bouquet Stud

Cross Drop Earring


Daisy Bangle


Diamante Cat Earring


Fashion Shades Necklace


Floral Stringed Ring


Full Beads Cat's Eye Stud


Key To Cupid Necklace


Little Starfish Stud


Maroon Flower Stud


Precious Eiffel Tower Stud


Prices include postage for normal mail.
For registered mailing, do top up and additional $2.24.

For orders and enquires, do email us straight at
Thank you very much (;

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